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Monday, May 17, 2010


Gonna keep this one short and sweet. a brief post - similar to the experience of devouring a macaron. a small morsel, about the size of the circle you make when you do this
Good things come in small packages. You nibble at the biscuit and ley it crumble with the quiver of your lip and enjoy its chewiness as you munch with your teeth. Upon further nibbling you hit the velvet creamy filling and it all comes together in an orgiastic harmony.
Last Thursday I had a caramelised hommus (chickpea and caramel) macaron from the amazing Adriano Zumbo Patisserie (Darling Street, Balmain). I have since decided due to the perfection, seasonality and affordability of these delights at $2 a pop, I will try a new flavour once a week!

Now onto the trend of the time. I really do love Triple J. Being an avid J fan and a passionate foodie I was never more pleased then when 1. they started an afternoon of user-generated discussion to share puns relating to foods about bands. The silliness escalated and it soon became a top trending twitter topic!

Here are a tall stack of the juicy ones (the first lot i cooked up myself):

the bertie beatles, backstreets icecream boy, Edith Pilaf, Yves Klein Stew, Devondra Banhart, Bon Alasker
, Elvis Parsley, Marilyn Salmonroe, Emiliana Terrine, Feastie Boys, camera tempura, the grillers, the cooks, grizzly pear, MSTRCHEF, Refrigerator, The Pussycat Rolls, Sufjam Stevens, passion pitted olives, banana split enz, milo cyrus, jatzin bieber, boy and pear, greenday eggs and ham, muse-li, Uncle Toby's Hall & Oates, the Smiths chips, Quiche-a Mitchell, Powderfingerlickin' good and Fleetwood big mac.

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