You've got to throw your boomerang to get it back, otherwise you're just carrying around a bent stick!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Gonna keep this one short and sweet. a brief post - similar to the experience of devouring a macaron. a small morsel, about the size of the circle you make when you do this
Good things come in small packages. You nibble at the biscuit and ley it crumble with the quiver of your lip and enjoy its chewiness as you munch with your teeth. Upon further nibbling you hit the velvet creamy filling and it all comes together in an orgiastic harmony.
Last Thursday I had a caramelised hommus (chickpea and caramel) macaron from the amazing Adriano Zumbo Patisserie (Darling Street, Balmain). I have since decided due to the perfection, seasonality and affordability of these delights at $2 a pop, I will try a new flavour once a week!

Now onto the trend of the time. I really do love Triple J. Being an avid J fan and a passionate foodie I was never more pleased then when 1. they started an afternoon of user-generated discussion to share puns relating to foods about bands. The silliness escalated and it soon became a top trending twitter topic!

Here are a tall stack of the juicy ones (the first lot i cooked up myself):

the bertie beatles, backstreets icecream boy, Edith Pilaf, Yves Klein Stew, Devondra Banhart, Bon Alasker
, Elvis Parsley, Marilyn Salmonroe, Emiliana Terrine, Feastie Boys, camera tempura, the grillers, the cooks, grizzly pear, MSTRCHEF, Refrigerator, The Pussycat Rolls, Sufjam Stevens, passion pitted olives, banana split enz, milo cyrus, jatzin bieber, boy and pear, greenday eggs and ham, muse-li, Uncle Toby's Hall & Oates, the Smiths chips, Quiche-a Mitchell, Powderfingerlickin' good and Fleetwood big mac.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You had me at hello

Hello! G'day! Alo! Hola! Aloha! Konichiwa! Ciao! Haai! mArHAbA! Nei* ho! Goedendag! Hallo! Saluton! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Namaste! Witaj! Privet! Xin chào! Selam!
Whatever language/s you speak I want to welcome YOU to the beginning of something very special. Something very exciting. Something I hope you will find mesmerizing. I hope that it will be as intoxicating to you as my life is to me.

This is my new blog. It's aim:
initially: to be a record of my eating and drinking adventures as a stepping stone to a possible career as a food and wine critic. But you know what, that's not enough? If this is really going to be a boomerang banquet (meaning I try things and throw them back to you), it needs to give you a taste of everything :) so I'm broadening my scope to include my other loves fashion, fun and music!

Right now, I can tell you about three amazing things.


Resume normal blog.

Numero Uno:
I've begun a breakfast club with my besties. Why do you care? Well, because it means that I'm hitting the 'burbs and the citay bringing you some reviews about the most important meal of the day!

Now, for the very first review of the very first breakfast club meeting. Starring myself, Katie Clowes and Courtney Ryan... drumroll please....

Hungry Darling:
Darling street, Balmain
Prices and hours tbc

An early start to the first day back to university after a two week break requires some substantial sustenance. So to fuel up for a big day of learning some of my homegirls hit up Darling street Balmain for a feed. We spotted Hungry Darling last week on a well-earned shopping spree in the inner-city suburb. The seasonal fruit breakfast menu and early opening hours caught us, hook, line and sinker. So 7:30am on a Tuesday we were there with bells on. One of only two tables in the cafe, we were waited on warmly, and genuinely by a tired but accommodating waiter who was also our barista. I went for the gut instinct and ordered up the delightful sounding vanilla poached pears with orange and ginger marscapone. This decision was complicated by the temptation of field mushrooms. After some intense deliberation my partners in crime ordered up another poached pears, and a poached egg dish with tomato, spinach and bacon on toast.

Plenty of water and a comfy window booth sufficed until our food came out at just the right time for us to have worked up an appetite. They both had impeccable presentation, althought the pears could have perhaps had one more colour on the plate. However, what they lacked in contrast they fully made up for in flavour and texture. The pears were just soft enough to bite cleanly, not at all mushy, and had the perfect intensity of vanilla to balance with the natural sweetness of pears. In terms of temperature, this dish was, as Goldilocks would say "just right". Together, with the fluffy, citrus marscapone and sharpness of the ginger, it was the perfect way to start a long autumn day.

The coffee was "just right". I order a skinny latte, and was not not disapointed. The friendly barista brought me out a beverage with just the right ratio of froth to milk, and the roast would have been a stronger intensity as the coffee was quite dark and strong :) just how i like it on my student days.
All in all it only left me $13.50 out of pocket. Which is certainly excellent value for the dish i devoured.

Numero dos
I'm really digging some tunes at the moment. Yeah, what's new pussycat, i hear you say? These tunes are those phenomenal numbers, of which I believe fit into two categories.
  • STOP- those tracks you hear that just press pause on the world around you. It feels like wearing rose-coloured glasses and watching butterflies skip across fields, flutter across the tip of your nose and the float up, up and away into a cloudless blue sky. Basically, those songs you fall in love with. when I think of them it's like a Marvin Gaye song, 'I can't get enough of your love baby!'
  • DROP - those tracks you hear that get your toes tapping, hands clapping, booty shaking, hips swaying, knees knocking. basically, the ones that make you wanna dance like a maniac
Here are a few of those songs now:

Numero tres
Speaking of western feelings, I leave you with a delicious description of my latest wardrobe compilations donned this week.
Being fashion week, I thought it was even more essential that I push the limits of my wardrobe to concoct wearable outfits for uni and autumn, always keeping in mind the spirit of fun.

The return to uni, an early start, needing to make a good impression for group networking and a friends gig were the criteria I strove to address in the creation of that outfit. Teaming my newly purchased black leather mini skirt with a loose grey leopard tee, a white sheer scarf and cream boots I wanted a look that was a little indie, rock n roll.

I wanted a cute as a button get-up to brighten 'hump day', but also one that would be cute for a spontaneous tea party. I chose a very feminine but chilled out ensemble consisting of my dusky pink, puff sleeved sportsgirl tee with thin horizontal silver stripes, my op-shop find target skirt - cream with a faded floral pattern tight, straight, with a ruffled flare at the bottom, then paired this with my favourite white ice-skating style ankle boots, and an ebay bargain cardigan of sea green. Honorable mention - my rose jewellery and muted hot pink lipstick to top it off.

Today I was feeling a little bit Western and needing craving some boot-scootin'.
I like short shorts, and so selected my high-waisted, faded levi denim cut-off shorts, tucked in a pink and white patterned man-style button-up, rolled up the sleeves and slipped into my $2 hot pink cowboy boots. My hair I pulled back into a mid ponytail, and then slapped a brown unicorn belt onto my waist. I was sure ready for a hoe-down, throw down!

Ps. photos of the food, fashion and fun to come, as soon as I get the photos from my plaything - my Diana Mini - developed!